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Tired of expensive licenses?

Fearful that all your work will be unusable if you don’t pay the bill?

Looking for a way out?

Our company was founded by a certified SAS programmer and former manager of a consulting group that specialized in SAS technologies.

Our company has special expertise in SAS to R conversions. We have consultants trained and certified in SAS technologies, including SAS Predicting Modeling, SAS Programming, and SAS Business Intelligence.

Whether you are seeking a SAS Predictive Modeling expert to continue to grow your environment or someone to help convert your organization from SAS to R, rest assured that you are working with top-notch expertise.

Unlike SAS, R is free and open-source.  Yet, it boasts the power that enables it to run operations at Google, Facebook, and major Wall Street financial firms to name a few.  Why haven’t you converted?


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