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The answer to the question, “Should I Switch to R,” will likely be different for various users & businesses.  While many companies may feel comfortable with their current statistical and data computing software, there is strong motivation for others to change.  To determine if one should switch, listing out pros and cons, then calculating a Return on Investment (ROI) and its associated timeframe can be helpful.  Below are some thoughts about what may be considered:


  1. No more licensing costs
  2. Large user community
  3. Powerful database integration
  4. Ease of use
  5. Integration with the web and other technologies


  1. Size/complexity of current environment.  Large / complex = more expensive
  2. Employee skills – will new staff be needed?
  3. Conversion know-how / time.  Do we have the skills to switch, and how long will it take?

Our experts can guide companies through each of the concerns that may impact a decision of whether to switch.  Feel free to contact us if you would like some guidance.



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