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In our experience converting businesses from SAS to R (and SPSS to R), we have compiled a list of common reasons why customers make the switch to R.  With R gaining such attention in mainstream media and international business,  more companies are questioning whether converting to R would make sense for them.

Here are some of the reasons why our customers have converted to R:

  1. R integrates with a large number of database systems.
  2. R supports parallel processing.
  3. R can support huge data volumes – gigabytes of data and 100′s of millions of records.
  4. R implements new methods faster than any other data technology.
  5. R is cross-platform.  Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac, etc..
  6. R has a huge and active community of smart people.
  7. R has a powerful and consistent base language – if you dream it, there is likely a way to do it in R
  8. R is well-documented (look at Amazon.com!)
  9. R integrates well with other languages and web platforms.
  10. Best of all, R is free. Never worry about losing your work for not paying a bill.

For more information on converting to R, visit Rconvert.com.


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